About Me

My parents, especially my mother, used to regularly embarrass me with her public behavior.

One day my mother said - when you get to be my age, you won't give a damn anymore.

And she was right. Damn how that works out.

You reach a certain age and being cool is no longer a priority. Having regular bowel movements are.

In any case, I worked on five daily newspapers. Name a beat, I covered it.

I used to host a radio show in the Midwest.

Madness runs in the family and I got depressive disorder and bipolar2. The reason I am not in those jobs above anymore (and two marriages) is largely because of this.

But I'm better now. And I write for therapy. And maybe one day, if I reach an audience, people like me (if there are any) will realize they are not alone.

I grew up in Cleveland. I live in Pittsburgh. Go Steelers.